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Favourite coffee body scrubs ORIGINAL (orange) and COCONUT, for your body. Nourishing mask and shampoo bar for your hair. Levander and Rose water for your face. Lip balms for your juicy lips.

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Coffee peeling Original and Coconut – 100% natural coffee peeling for your perfectly soft, firm and youthful skin, containing important vitamins and minerals.

30 day beauty collagen – Our collagen contains the most suitable combination for women – premium collagen, vitamin C, zinc and hyaluronic acid.
Collagen is in the most effective powder form, it is immediately soluble and, moreover, very delicious. It is flavored with natural strawberry aroma.

Nourishing hair mask – perfectly pimped composition and gives your hair nourishing strength, necessary strength and beautiful softness. Premium oils effectively help restore damaged hair, moisturize and protect the skin, promote hair growth and reduce hair loss. Nourishing mask is suitable for any hair type. Maintains natural vitality and shine.

Solid shampoo bar – suitable for all types of hair is made on the basis of surfactants from coconut oil. It cleans, degreases, nourishes the hair, gives it shine and preserves the natural pH of the skin. It meets all the attributes and positive effects of a classic liquid shampoo with a few extra pluses. And you can do it with a purely natural composition!

Pink and lavender water gives the skin an exotic tan while waiting, thanks to its transparency and foamy consistency, it does not leave any spots or orange tones on the skin and it spreads very easily. Smells like roses.

Orange, chocolate and rose balms, chapped or dry lips are a thing of the past. Premium oils, shea butter and cocoa butter, or unique beeswax. All of these are gifts of nature with a proven beneficial effect that pump your lips to perfection.

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