A monthly pack of delicious strawberry-flavored marine collagen, a refreshing and hydrating facial rose water and a balm for silky soft lips.

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Premium marine collagen contains the most suitable combination for women – premium collagen, vitamin C, zinc and hyaluronic acid. Collagen is in the most effective powder form, it is immediately soluble and, moreover, very delicious. It is flavored with natural strawberry aroma. The package contains 30 daily doses.

Organic rose water for even the most tired and sensitive skin. Rose water has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, cleans clogged pores, helps shrink them and, thanks to its astringent effects, prevents the formation of rashes or acne. It removes black dots, soothes tired eyes, reduces puffiness and eye bags and reduces dark circles under the eyes.

Pink balm, cracked or dry lips are a thing of the past. Premium oils, shea butter and cocoa butter, or unique beeswax. All of these are gifts of nature with a proven beneficial effect that pump your lips to perfection.

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